Kiln Sitter Cone Supports

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Cone Supports (2 pack) for Dawson/Skutt Kiln Sitter

This replacement set of 2 Cone Supports/Rests are used in all dawson/skutt kiln sitter models.

Cone supports (or rests) are the two flat metal pieces that prop up your sitter cone within the tube assembly.

They are small parts which sometimes get lost when moving a kiln from one location to another, or ocassionaly need replacing when a sitter cone over fires and fuses with the metal.

These are very quick and easy to fix - just pull the old supports out (if you haven’t lost them) and slide the new ones into the end of your tube assembly! 

If the tube asembly is cracked or damaged it maybe time to replace it. Ceramicraft stocks these too.

Skutt Part # 0113D02641

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