Sublimation Hardboard Keyring - Rectangle


Out of stock (Due 13/09/2022)


Made from high-density fiberboard/hardboard (HDF) and covered in a white sublimation coating, these keyring blanks are lightweight, durable and entirely customizable, making them great for everyday use and as promotional or salable items for your sublimation business.

With an edge-to-edge sublimation coating, you can create sophisticated borderless designs using a sublimation or vinyl heat press, and sublimation printer, paper and inks.


Shape: Rectangle
Material: Sublimation Coated Hardboard (HDF) with metal key ring, and plastic clasp
Sublimation Surface Colour: White
Dimensions: 6cm x 4cm (see image)


  • A protective film covers each keyring blank to protect the sublimation surface. Please ensure this is removed prior to the sublimation process.

  • All keyrings, come individually packaged unassembled and include a plastic clasp and metal key ring for attachment after sublimating your design/logo.

  • Create sophisticated borderless designs, thanks to the edge-to-edge sublimation coating.