Mayco Jungle Gems Glaze CG970 Masquerade 118ml

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Mayco Jungle Gems Glaze CG970 Masquerade 118ml is a non-toxic crystal and glaze combination in a jar. These rock-like crystals produce dramatic effects that flow and melt during the firing process. Their usage is almost endless in decorating possibilities and is limited only with your imagination.

Firing Range: Cone 06/05 

Mayco Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes have been formulated to mature at cone 06/05. However Mayco Jungle Gems Glaze can be fired at higher temperatures.

Application Instructions

  1. Shake jar well and stir before each application to keep crystals evenly distributed.
  2. Using a fan brush, apply three even coats shelf cone 04 (1060° C) bisque, allowing too dry between coats.
  3. Avoid placing crystals on the bottom of the piece.
  4. Fire to shelf cone 06 (999° C).

Food Safety

Food Safe, Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous when used according to manufacturers directions. May not be suitable for dinnerware due to surface characteristics. For more information, please refer to the product brochure and SDS.


  • At higher temperatures, Mayco Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes which are already prone to move will flow more. The crystals will lose some of their definition and act more as a blending agent. You will want to be careful about placing glaze too close to the bottom of your piece - in addition to stilting you may want to put a tile or a piece of scrap bisque beneath the piece to prevent glaze from running onto your kiln shelves.
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