Mayco Clear One Brushing Glaze 3.78L

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Mayco Clear One Brushing Glaze 3.78L

Mayco NT-BR Clear One Brushing Glaze is a fast drying and gloss finish formula compatible with chrome/tin pigments and luster.

Firing Range: Cone 06 - Cone 6

Shake well. Apply one to two coats to shelf cone 04 (1060°C) bisque, unglazed or decorated with low fire glazes or underglazes. Dry thoroughly and fire to shelf cone 06 or 05 (999°C-1046°C). NT-BR and S-2101 will fire to a gloss finish. C-300 will fire to a matte finish.

Food Safety: All Mayco Brushing Clear glazes are AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe, when used according to manufacturer’s directions.

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