Mayco Designer Liner

Mayco's Designer Liner is clay based and heavily pigmented. It is most like a translucent underglaze and is not dimensional.

Create fine detail with lines, dots, and letters.  

The unique metal writer tip allows for ultimate control to draw ultra-fine or bold lines, typography and intricate illustrations.

Designer Liner is best when used under non-moving transparent or semi-transparent glazes. Fires cone 06 - cone 6. Certified AP Non-toxic and Food Safe. Available in a variety of essential colours.

Application Instructions:

  1. Shake bottle to force colour down into the tip.
  2. To initiate the flow of colour, squeeze a little colour onto a practice surface such as a paper towel. Once an even flow has been established, use a steady, even pressure to begin detailing.
  3. Apply onto bisque or unfired glaze and then apply a clear glaze.
  4. Apply with a liner brush for fine outlining or brush strokes.
  5. Fire to shelf cone 05/06 (1031°C/999°C) or up to cone 6 (1222°C). Designer Liner is food safe with clear glaze applied on top, AP Non-Toxic and Non Hazardous when used under normal conditions.
  6. Store Designer Liners with the straight metal pin (provided) inserted into the metal tip. An alternative method is to remove the metal tip and clean thoroughly, replacing the plastic cap onto the Mayco Designer Liner


  • Before first using the Mayco Designer Liner, make a hole in the tip of the plastic screw cap using the writer tip provided.
  • The metal writer tip is threaded and will fit snug on the tip of the screw cap. It is important not to cut the plastic tip or make the tip opening larger than the thickness of the metal writer tip
  • Designer Liner is not a dimensional product. If applied too thick or heavy, Designer Liner will crack and possibly pop off.
  • Clear or transparent glazing is necessary for gloss finish. Mayco Designer Liner will fire matte when no glaze is applied over top.

Further Product Information

  • Designer Liner enables the artist to achieve crisp, non-moving line work at cone 06-6 temperatures. To ensure sharpness in line quality, use a non-moving translucent or clear glaze over the top of Designer Liner. Fires to a matte finish without a glaze over the top.
  • The Mayco Designer liners are not a glaze but closer to a translucent underglaze.
  • If used on a food item clear glaze would need to be applied over top. 
  • Designer Liners can be used for fine detailing.
  • Mayco Designer Liners are not designed for dimensional effect or for wide outlining. If applied to thick this product will crack and pop off.